Rock Development Group is passionate about sustainability.

Our developments are our legacy for our children and our children’s children. We aim to make sustainable living part of the everyday life of Australians and leave the land in a better state than we inherited it.

We work to reduce our own carbon footprint. Our employees, resources and expertise are all focused on delivering a more liveable, sustainable and brighter future for the community .

To meet our own high expectations, Rock Development Group works with and supports others who share its environmental vision.  We work with leading architectural firms, engineering groups and international suppliers to set the benchmark for sustainable practices.

As part of this commitment, Rock Development Group is the principal sponsor of the Green Building Council’s Green Star Communities rating tool.

Our newest development loop will integrate an extensive range of sustainable technology, making this development an advanced addition to the Canberra property market. To find out more about the sustainable qualities of loop click here.

To view our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy please click here.

Annual CSR Reports: