Worrying Statistics about our Children

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Worrying Statistics about our Children

It seems like it’s one step forward and two steps backwards in regards to the state of health of Australia’s children. One day I read a positive report saying our kids are getting healthier, but for every good story I hear, there’s at least two bad ones.

Australia’s largest child obesity clinic is warning that cases of Australian children with obesity are still very much on the rise. A diet of fast food, soft drinks, lollies and school tuck shop meals is to blame.

In the report by the Herald Sun, Dr Matt Sabin at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne said they often see three year olds weighing more than 35kg and teenagers exceeding 100kgs.

"Five years ago, one child every three or four months was being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, now it's one every three or four weeks," Dr Sabin said.

As parent’s we need to do more to ensure our kids have healthier diets and live more active lives. It’s often much easier after a hard day at work to provide the family with a pre prepared meal, but in the long run it does much more harm than good.

Freshly prepared meals are not only better for you, they are also cheaper. There are a lot of really healthy meals that are quick and easy to prepare. With the popularity of television shows such as Masterchef – you might find it easier to convince your kids to help you out in the kitchen.

Healthy diet is just one part of healthy living – we also need to encourage our kids to be active. Whether it’s walking to the bus stop instead of getting a lift, or going outside to play instead of indoors on computers – little bursts of physical activity can make a big difference.

As the old saying goes, ‘the children are our future.’

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