South Australians Move to Embrace Recycled Water

on Tuesday, 19 July 2011. Posted in blog

I was pleased to read on ABC about a new scheme in Adelaide, which promotes the use of recycled water to flush toilets, water gardens and wash cars.

The scheme offers great benefits to both the environment and consumers. The program will help recycle up to 1.6 billion litres of water annually and those who participate in the program will be offered discounts on their water bills.

For a country that is so often struggling to cope with droughts – I think this is a fantastic idea. For those of us in the ACT, we certainly know what it’s like to struggle through water restrictions. Recycling water makes sense, especially for tasks such as watering gardens, flushing toilets and cleaning cars.

loop will boast a comprehensive grey and black water recycling system, as well as a comprehensive rainwater capturing system.

Water is a precious resource – we must find ways to ensure it is not wasted!

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